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An auto accident can create a lot of problems for everyone who is involved, especially if it causes bodily injury. Personal injury lawsuits may result, and in some cases a negligent driver will be charged with a crime. If you have been involved in a car accident and need a strong and experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact the Ber Law Firm to put Phoenix Personal Injury / Accidents Lawyer Hershel Bar on your side.

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Attorney Hershel Ber has devoted his legal defense career to helping clients deal with their serious criminal defense, family law and personal injury matters. He works with clients mainly in the Phoenix area, but also is serving clients throughout Arizona. Hershel has gained a notable reputation for providing clients with dedicated, caring legal services. He works closely with his clients, and does not have inexperienced associate attorneys take over his cases.

Phoenix Personal Injury / Accidents Lawyer

The personal attention you get from Hershel Ber, Attorney at Law, is just the beginning of your experience at the Ber Law Firm. Hershel has a long career of helping others, including his community service efforts that have gained him honors from local and national government leaders. Accidents happen frequently, and result in a large number of personal injury lawsuits as victims attempt to gain compensation for their expenses.

Legal Representation for Negotiations

A majority of these lawsuits are settled prior to any courtroom appearance, because it is cost-efficient for all parties. When a driver is slapped with a criminal charge, the impact can be far more serious. If convicted, the defendant may face jail time, large fines and future problems from having a criminal record.

If you a need criminal defense lawyer, contact the Ber Law Firm, in Phoenix, Arizona, right away to discuss your case, protect your freedoms and get past this problem. Take action now to obtain justice in your criminal defense case; contact Hershel Ber, Attorney at Law, at (602) 274-3320.

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