Hershel Ber

Hershel Ber is a magna cum laude graduate of Whittier Law School.  He was Associate Editor of the Whittier Law Review as well as a member of the Moot Court Honors Board.  He also received the American Jurisprudence Award in Constitutional Law I and II.  While at Whittier Law School,  Hershel interned with Federal Magistrate Judge Joseph Reichmann in the U.S. District Court- Los Angeles, California.  In addition to receiving a law degree, Hershel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.  His practice areas include criminal defense, personal injury and family law.  Hershel Ber is currently licensed in Arizona, admitted in the Federal District Court of Arizona, and co-counsels cases with other attorneys nationwide.

Hershel Ber has been a member of the Arizona State Bar since 1995.  He has been a partner in his own firm for more than thirteen years having previously worked in a criminal defense law office and an insurance defense firm.  Hershel understands that client’s lives, businesses and finances are turned upside down in serious or catastrophic litigation.  Hershel puts in the time and effort in every case to make a difference for his clients.  Hershel has handled numerous trials in his fields of practice.  Hershel has honed his skills in the courtroom during that time.  Hershel knows the importance of hiring an attorney who has substantial experience in the courtroom.  Hershel has dedicated his personal time to providing pro bono legal advice to indigent clients.  Hershel received the “for Love of Justice” award for his pro bono worked presented by then Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

His practice areas of concentration are vehicle accidents, assaults, drugs cases and fraudulent schemes.  Hershel also has extensive experiance conducting divorce and family law cases.

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