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Clients who need legal representation to smooth out contentious divorce or child custody issues enjoy working with Attorney Hershel Ber, a Phoenix Family Law Attorney who is dedicated to helping clients get past stressful family law matters. He understands that clients appreciate his personal attention and the depth of experience he brings to each case.

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At Ber& Associates, P.L.L.C., clients benefit from the excellent legal education and years of experience that created success for Attorney Hershel Ber in his legal practice. Hershel focuses mainly on defending clients in their Criminal Defense, Family and Personal Injury cases. He is serving clients throughout Arizona, primarily in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

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If you are caught up in a challenging legal battle over divorce, alimony or child custody issues, Attorney Hershel Ber can help you iron out solutions that work. When minor children are part of the divorce picture, it is especially important to work out agreements that keep the children out of any fights between parents. Children love both parents, and they want a good relationship with peaceful interactions and to not be a pawn in the middle.

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If your family law issues are causing distress, disruption and are making you miserable, it is time to discuss your case with Hershel Ber, Attorney at Law. Hershel works closely with his clients, giving them personal attention and individual strategies to apply to their individual situations. He does not send cases off to inexperienced associate attorneys; he personally will meet with you to help you develop satisfactory solutions.

Attorney Hershel Ber has provided legal defense services for family law clients since founding his law firm in 1995. Hundreds of clients have enjoyed working with Mr. Ber during complex and simple litigation. He cares about clients and is dedicated to helping them meet the legal challenges that often occur during even the most amicable divorces.

For high quality, caring legal defense representation, contact Hershel Ber, a dedicated family law attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. Call (602) 274-3320 for your initial consultation.

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