Criminal Defense

Criminal charges are not something any person wants to face. Unfortunately, you do not always have a choice. When the powers that be decide you have committed a crime, they will do everything possible to see you punished for it. This is why it is so important for you to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. You have no time to lose.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

This may be the first time you have been charged with a crime, or it may be a situation you are more familiar with than you would like. Regardless, your finances and possibly your freedom are at stake. At the Bew Law Firm, we are not in the business of judging our clients. Innocent until proven guilty is something we stand behind, and will work diligently for you no matter your situation. When you become our client, your best interests are always our priority.

Our firm has helped numerous individuals in situations similar to yours, and we know what it takes to successfully defend a criminal case. We deal with numerous types of cases, including DUI and vehicular crimes, crimes against property, probation violations, sexual crimes, drug crimes, forfeiture cases, fraud/theft, precharge cases, assault, homicide and violent crimes, and appeals. Whatever charges you are facing, we know how to make certain that no stone is left unturned in your defense.

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The time to act is now. The sooner we can begin building your case, the better we can do in working to get your charges reduced, and perhaps even dropped altogether in certain situations. It is impossible to predict how successful your case will be, but you can guarantee that hiring a skilled attorney will work in your favor.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, please contact our firm as soon as possible. We believe that everyone deserves a good criminal defense, and we are standing by to assist you in your case.

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