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Over the last couple decades, Hershel has represented numerous clients.  Hershel has extensive experience in litigation, having conducted over 300 trials ranging from vehicle accidents and slip and falls, to complex drug trafficking cases and attempted murder.  Hershel knows the importance of hiring an experienced attorney who has had substantial experience in and out of the courtroom.  Hershel has been handling family court matters such as divorces and custody matters for over fifteen years.

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges are not something any person wants to face. Unfortunately, you do not always have a choice. When the powers that be decide you have committed a crime, they will do everything possible to see you punished for it. This is why it is so important for you to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. You have no time to lose. Read More

Family Law

Clients who need legal representation to smooth out contentious divorce or child custody issues enjoy working with Attorney Hershel Ber, a Phoenix Family Law Attorney who is dedicated to helping clients get past stressful family law matters. He understands that clients appreciate his personal attention and the depth of experience he brings to each case. Read More

Personal Injury / Accidents

An auto accident can create a lot of problems for everyone who is involved, especially if it causes bodily injury. Personal injury lawsuits may result, and in some cases a negligent driver will be charged with a crime. If you have been involved in a car accident and need a strong and experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact the Ber Law Firm to put Phoenix Personal Injury / Accidents Lawyer Hershel Bar on your side. Read More

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